Friday, March 27, 2009

Predictions: Grey's Anatomy Music

Jenny Owen Youngs is a natural choice for this, I think - I mean, the girl's a indie pop singer who brings out the perfect breakup music with flair and thumping baselines while whipping out the sass-factor with lines like "If we weren't such good friends I think that I'd hate you." After the success of her self-released 2005 album Batten The Hatches, Jenny's second album, Transmitter Failure, is set for release May 26th and is chockful of electric guitars, blaring horns, keys and strings that can go from sweet and soft to rock-pop crunchy as quickly as her vocals do. Youngs stated that she wanted to create something that would move emotionally and physically, so it consists of soft harmonious multi-vocal pieces like "Nighty Night" to get lost in and more upbeat jams like "Led to the Sea" to get your toes tapping. She'll be touring with a GFP favorite, Jukebox the Ghost, later this spring, and her Lead To The Sea EP, which consists of some remixes of the upcoming tracks on Transmitter Failure, will be released April 7th.


Diana S. said...

yes! i've loved Fuck Was I and Voice On Tape since 2006. have yet to catch a show though, every time she's in LA i just don't seem to notice.

Anonymous said...

Jenny is wonderful and I hope she has awesome things in store for her future.