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Editor-in-Chief: Emma 
The founder of Guilt Free Pleasures, Em is grew up in Minneapolis, MN then lived in New York for several years before moving to DC where she currently resides. She is a filmmaker by occupation but her first love is music of all genres, with a gentle leaning towards upbeat music that makes her want to move. She created this blog to share her love of music with the world and to support the artists she adores. Listen and enjoy.

Writer: Karthik 
Karthik lives in Arlington, VA, walking distance from Washington, DC. Professionally, he works in Information Technology; his hobbies include being a much better chef than you'd think on first sight and tweeting maniacally about something or the other. He loves the fact that DC has no fewer than a dozen music venues of different sizes, styles, and musical varieties, and he's always down to go to a concert: live music is the best music!