Sunday, November 30, 2008

FTC Disclosure

As is the case with most long-standing music blogs, most if not all of the music we review, we have received for free from each artists' publicist or record label for posting and reviewing purposes. Also, many of the concerts that we review, we have received the tickets for free. We are required to disclose this fact by the FTC now (though I think it's pretty well understood within the music blogging community).

I also feel the need to add that we receive hundreds of submissions each month. So even though we receive them for free, we are under no obligation to give them a positive review, or any review at all, and therefore our opinions have not been swayed by the fact that we are receiving this music for free. This entire blog is based completely on our subjective opinions, but this is why we provide mp3s (which we DO have permission to post) or links for you to listen to the artists' music and form your own opinions.

If you have any questions, or for some reason need to know the precise company who sent us a specific mp3, please email us. Thank you.

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