Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jaymay | Autumn Fallin'

From time to time, I develop girl crushes. Case in point: Jaymay. Seriously. This chick is just about the most rockin' indie artist I've found in some time. I really can't stop playing her on repeat...which is why I'm writing about her now, even though I'm probably a bit behind the game.

Now, yes, her music does at first seem uber sugary-sweet, which is not something to which I am normally drawn. But then, when delving deeper, I found this very fact to be part of the reason I love her music so much. Jaymay creates an interesting partnership between relatively simplistic chord progressions and Fiona-esque insightful lyrics that delve much deeper than the surface.

Her music is refreshing, and easy to listen to, and, it must be said, the best friend to single gals the world round. I'm a huge fan of Blue or Gray...and I'm hoping you will, too.

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