Monday, January 26, 2009

Predictions: Grey's Anatomy Music

Welcome to our newest (and hopefully regular) segment Predictions, in which we at GFP will do our best to predict the future of your mainstream musical listening adventures. Basically, the goal here is to try to guess what new artists and/or songs will be featured on the next mainstream show or apple commercial, or what we believe would be a really good match for those sorts of things. In all honesty, both Em and I secretly want Alexandra Patsavas's job, but really, who doesn't.

Rosi Golan has traveled across the world, from Israel where she was born, to Germany, Paris, and finally the US where she recently released her debut album, The Drifter & The Gypsy, this past November. Her voice is infectious, the sound sweet, with plucked banjo and emphatic resonance of the mixture of piano and guitar. This song in particular contains the hook "Come around, come around, come around to me," which is perfect for any Grey's "relationships have gone awry and now we're all being reflective about it for the end of the episode montage scene" moment. Rosi has also collaborated with an old Grey's choice, Ben's Brother, so I figure its only a matter of time before she gets some airplay as well.

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