Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok everyone, listen up. This is serious business, and I'm gonna do my best to not come across as a teeny-bopper, but I just came across a musician that I can't help but wonder how he is not super-famous and also not the father of many, many babies. Cause wow. I feel like I just hit some sort of hidden indie-pop jackpot and I'm actually furious with myself for not knowing about this one sooner. Ladies and gents, I present to you Stickboy aka Craig Edmonson. This indie-pop songwriter is not to be confused with the alternative/rock group of the same name, hails from the UK and is destined to become a legend. Ok so I may be getting a bit ahead of myself there, but let's go over his track record, shall we?

October 2004 - Contacts Piccadilly records to release his first EP, Odd Little Moments
2004-2006 - Releases mini-LP Empty Pages
June 2006 - Releases pseduo-album Stickboy
November 2007 - Releases EP, Basement Sessions
January 2008 - Writes 7 songs in 7 days as part of a New Year's personal challenge.
January 2008 - Releases The Red Words on iTunes
January/February 2008 - Releases The Magical Tree and Other Stories on iTunes just three weeks later.
April/May 2008 - Releases Pointing At Clouds on iTunes
June 2008 - Releases collaboration with Run Toto Run on vinyl
June 9th 2008- Releases official debut album, Under the Sleepy Moon through Piccadilly Records
September 2008 - Starts sideproject, Officer Owl
December 2008- Releases EP, EP3 on myspace
January 2009 - Speaks of releasing another album before the end of the year.

So to sum up: that's 3 albums in 2008 plus an EP. That's just a taste - add to that near daily updates on his myspace and youtube about his newest songs and covers, my favorite being his cover of "If I Had A Hammer" posted below, the man is a bone fide songwriting machine! I can't gush enough about the quality of his music. His songs are smart, the lyrics engrossing, the british twee indie-pop are perfectly dashed with an influence of Dylan, and the uplifting homespun nature and the everlasting desire to soak up more of this man's music is just a START of how I would begin to describe it all. A lot of his talent is out there for free, as per his desire, but this is one I'm going to strongly suggest funding if you can so the guy can go on tour. It's just...logistically unfair that he isn't more renowned by now, cause every review on earth about him is just about one step away from being considered a form of religious worship. Along those lines, thank God this boy shows no signs of stopping.


Anonymous said...

I've played Stickboy on my internet radio show for the last couple of weeks or so. Very good stuff and gets a good response from the folks in the chat room!

Yep, Stickboy is worth checking out! DO IT NOW! ;)

- Sparky
ShockPop! on ScrubRadio.com

Anonymous said...

You may want to edit your post a bit. The song in the video was written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays, but your paragraph introducing the video makes it sound like he wrote it. :)

Lise said...

Good call. Will do!