Friday, June 12, 2015

Wire at Black Cat

Last Saturday I had the privilege of seeing British rock icons Wire at Black Cat. I don't even remember the opener's name and truth be told I'm not going to bother looking it up because he was terrible. My friend referred to his set as masturbatory and I think that's the best way to sum it up. He had the coolest guitar I've ever seen though, which only annoyed me more because I felt like he didn't deserve it. Picture below but it doesn't do it justice because the lighting was... practically non-existent.

Wire was fun. I will admit it was a more chill show than I was expecting (the most upbeat songs in their set were toward the very end) but in some ways that made it more pleasant because I could dance in peace without worrying about the place turning into a mosh pit. You could tell how much their fans (mostly a young crowd, at least in the front rows where I was) revere them and the show had a great, positive vibe. Definitely that feeling of being in the presence of legends. People were really respectful of both the band and each other. It was a cool experience overall and you should catch them if you have the chance.

More photos here. And here are their remaining tour dates:
  • June 12: DRILL : CHICAGO, Thalia Hall, Chicago, USA Book tickets
  • June 13: DRILL : CHICAGO, The Metro, Chicago, USA Book tickets
  • July 30: Bolognetti Rocks Festival, Bologna, Italy Book tickets
  • July 31: Arena Parco Castelli, Brescia, Italy Book tickets
  • Aug 08: Absolutely Free Festival, Genk, Belgium

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