Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Other Lives at Rock 'n' Roll Hotel

Last night was one of those rare shows that I legitimately felt privileged to attend. One of those shows where you leave feeling high despite not having done any drugs because it was just that awesome of a show.

It started rather late, but I ended up being grateful for that because otherwise I would've missed most of the opening act, Riothorse Royale. Two seriously rockin' ladies on vocals, guitar, and bass, and a drummer. Gotta say, these ladies made me want to join a rock band. They played a relatively short set, I'm guessing because they only have one EP to their name thus far, and that came out in May. Props to them for snagging the opening act to Other Lives as such a young band. They must've gotten someone's attention, and they certainly got mine - it's a good sign when you're sad a band is done playing.

Then came Other Lives. Seriously, amazing. First off, major props on the lighting. I thought it seemed a little hipster at first but it really did take the show to another level. It made the stage beautiful. Secondly, so much sound. SO. MUCH. SOUND. It was heavenly. The sound mixing was awesome. The layers upon layers that built and subsided... Pretty much everything about the show was perfect. They played a perfect balance of old and new. And most of the guys played multiple instruments (sometimes more than one at once! see below). Such a talented group. It will probably remain one of my favorite shows all year.

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