Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Concert catch up - Sxip Shirey and Ippazzi

There have been so many amazing concerts in the last few weeks that I've fallen WAY behind on actually posting about them! Eek! So here's a quick catch up on two of them:

Last Saturday I went to Sxip Shirey's album release party at City Winery. It was an absolutely fantastic show. I have to say, I liked Sxip's album but seeing him perform the songs in person was truly astounding. Seeing all the unique instruments / tools / objects that he used to make the plethora of sounds that make up his music... It was truly incredible. (See left to see some of the many things he used in his performance). He even played the Sxipenspiel (made for him by Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman for his birthday). Sxip seems to roll with a constant entourage of really talented artists and there were many on stage with him that night and in the audience too. And at the end, the show turned into a giant dance party. It really was a wonderful show.

Dreamland [mp3] - ( Amazon / iTunes)

This past Thursay I went to see my friends Ippazzi at Crash Mansion. On a side note: coincidentally, their album cover has a bridge / black & white theme much like Sxip Shirey's... But anway, I hadn't seen them in forever, so I was very happy to hear some of my old favorites, plus some their new stuff that I hadn't yet heard. Akil Davis was back performing with them, after a very extended absence from the group. Rumor has it he may be returning on a more regular basis once he returns from a month-long trip abroad. That made me really happy to hear because I like the contrast of Greg Petronzi's singer-songwriter style with Akil's rap. The highlight of the night for me was probably hearing "Judging Me," because I was there the first time Greg played a rough version of that for Akil, so it was nice to see how the song evolved. All in all, a very good night, indeed.

Judging Me [mp3] - ( Amazon / iTunes )

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