Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Music: Arcade Fire, The Walkmen, Best Coast

If you haven't already heard, The Arcade Fire's long-awaited The Suburbs dropped yesterday, and you can scoot on over to Amazon and buy the whole album in mp3 format for $3.99.

All last month I had a "BEST COAST DROPS TODAY" note-to-self on my phone for July 27 and still I forgot to mention it up here. So now I'm mentioning it. Check out Crazy For You, and report back here next week for my full review...

Lastly, I'm way way stoked (yes, stoked -- blame it on listening to Best Coast and spending too much time in LA) for the new Walkmen album, Lisbon, coming out on September 14. Time to program a note-to-self. For now, have a listen to first single "Stranded"

The Walkmen - "Stranded" [mp3]
Best Coast - "Our Deal" [mp3]

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