Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sxip Shirey - Sonic New York

Sxip Shirey's new full-length album Sonic New York is coming out next week on July 24th, and the album is exactly what it sounds like - an epic auditory tribute to this big, magical, noisy, dirty, historical, lively, lovely, artsy, infested, creepy, beautiful city that is New York. Sxip's inventive music very successfully evokes the eclectic sights, sounds, feelings, experiences, energy and even smells that come with the city. His songs range in style from the flowy, classical "Grammercy Park" to songs like "Bergen and Grand" that is more like a soundscape than an actual song, to the sultry, Latin-influenced "You Can Ring My Bell," to the eery "Ghosts of the Gowanus Canal," to the soulful, rockin' "Dreamland," to the folky "Brooklyn Bridge Song," to the hip hop-influenced raspy, down 'n' dirty harmonica-through-a-bull-horn sound of a "I Live in New York City." All in all, I'm quite pleased with Sxip's album. He never fails to come up with innovative new music and having lived in NYC for 6 years, this album is yet another reminder of the many great artists who live here and all the amazing things I have at my fingertips just by being in this city.

Even though you can already purchase the album in various places, the official release party for the album is July 24th at City Winery. Should be a great time, as Sxip and the group of artists he rolls with are nothing if not incredibly fun entertainers.

Dreamland [mp3] - ( AmazoniTunes )

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