Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello all! I’m excited to begin posting on the blog and I hope I can share with you some of the music that I love. I thought a lot about what artist I was going to post first, and I decided to go with my favorite local act from back in Utah. One of the things I’ve missed the most since moving to Arizona is the music scene. It’s possible (probable) that I’m just not that familiar with Arizona yet but I think Utah has an underrated music crowd with lots of local talent.

Allred is a singer/songwriter that I first heard at a venue called Kilby Court in Salt Lake. At the time he was the lead singer for a band but has since moved on to a solo career. I’ve seen him play nearly a dozen times and I love the emotion behind his songs. With 3 original albums and 2 covers albums (plus an EP to be released on Aug. 29), there are plenty of great tracks for you to listen to. Here is the title track off of his album "Parades," enjoy!


Lauralee said...

I agree Utah has a great music scene that many people tend to ignore. I've also seen Allred a dozen times or so (opening for various shows I'm going to).

Do you miss going to shows at Kilby yet?

meg said...

we love him. thanks for sharing!

Eric said...

I definitely miss Kilby, my favorite show there was a Jonathan Jones (Waking Ashland, We Shot the Moon) solo show. It's a great venue!