Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drink Up Buttercup @ Union Hall

Last night I headed over to Union Hall (or tried to anyway...) to see Lights On and Drink Up Buttercup. Unfortunately, the MTA was not on my side yesterday and after literally spending most of the day on the train getting stuck, re-routed and otherwise inconvenienced I missed the first two bands (the first of which was Lights On).

I was sad to miss San Diego band Lights On (thanks MTA), whose poppy yet nostalgic new single "John and Anne" has been getting heavy play on my playlists this week. Since I can't write about the show, I'll just share the track with you all.

John and Anne [mp3] - (iTunes)

Drink Up Buttercup was... wasted. But in some ways, that served them well. In other ways, it didn't. For the most part it didn't affect their music (although the lyrics were maybe a little harder to understand because of some speech slurring, and also because the mixing was pretty terrible), which they played without any major noticeable mistakes. And they seemed at times to be completely absorbed in the music and just having fun, as if they weren't even really aware there was an audience (at one point the lead singer actually shouted "that was f**king fun!" over and over after a song). Watching their total absorption was kind of cool, although I will say that I was afraid someone was going to get hurt (for example, they were haphazardly throwing their bodies around and there were moments I thought there would be a nasty collision, but there wasn't). Early in the show, the keyboard/bass player got a small cut on his cheek that bled pretty much throughout the show, though I didn't catch how he got it.

Another way in which being wasted did seem to serve them well was an improvisational ending to the show where they got off the stage and sang most of the last song acappella, encircled by a clapping and stomping audience. Although, the lead singer did go on a rambling incoherent tangent in the middle of the song, but it was still a lot of fun overall and it was a neat way to end the show. I stand by the fact that they are one of my favorite new discoveries of this year and they put on a good show, even if they might not remember it afterwards... They're coming out with a new album this coming winter, so expect to see more news about that.

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