Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Andrew Belle

Andrew Belle is a 24 year old Chicago and Nashville-based singer-songwriter who has been touring with organic-pop group Ten Out Of Tenn as of late. His debut EP All Those Pretty Lights emerged late last year and featured mainstream-friendly guitar-based rock/pop - you can download it for free here. Andrew is currently completing his debut LP The Ladder, with the first released track "Static Waves" being below for your listening pleasure.

The first album Andrew Belle ever bought was a Counting Crows CD and often credits them as a major musical factor in his life. Giving Belle a listen, I can see how the Counting Crows influenced him over time, and although I have the belief that people who sing tend to gravitate towards bands that exhibit their voice quality, I think Andrew sounds like the vocal love child of Greg Laswell and Brett Dennen than that of lead singer of Counting Crows Adam Duritz. At any rate, this attractive young man with a humble head on his shoulders whirls pleasant acoustic pop with a perfectly textured voice that makes me want to know more, so hopefully the man will continue making records for a long time.

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