Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Apollo Run

This has to be another quick one today...

I had the privilege of seeing Apollo Run play a show with Julius C at the Knitting Factory (one of the last shows at its original location before they close and move to a smaller location) a few weeks ago and also hanging out with them backstage (check back later this summer to see some behind-the-scenes video from the show). The handsome group of guys definitely impressed me with their catchy, dramatic rock tunes, as well as their CatchPhrase abilities (yes, I mean the game CatchPhrase). I know I already said this, but they have a show tonight at Bell House, and they are definitely worth catching (as are The Hard Lessons, my favorite Detroit rock trio). Here are some photos from the Apollo Run set at Knitting Factory, taken by my dear friend Wai Choy, as well as another track to sample:

Rhiannon [mp3] - (iTunes)

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