Friday, July 3, 2009

Flashback Friday: Arnim-Hamilton

This extremely rare two-song vinyl Pepperman/Walking Midnight Coffee Break was released 1970 by duo Charles Arnim and Paul Hamilton. It was produced by the International Artists label, which at the time was known for garage and philosophical psych rather than the Bealtes-esque rock-pop that the Arnim-Hamilton album contained. There's hardly anything online about the album or of the duo themselves, but it seems like "Pepperman" was written by Hamilton and "Walking" by Arnim. Since this album is so rare, it has become a popular item within various mod collector circles and again, there's not much information out there about this group. The "Pepperman" track is considered to be one of "The Great Singles" of the label and is one of my all-time personal favorites.

Pepperman [mp3]

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