Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LA Love: Collisions

On the map today is Collisions -- a 4-piece indie rock/shoegaze band out of Azusa, CA (they play in LA a lot, so they still qualify for LA Love...). I first met the guys last year when we played a show together in downtown LA, and they were awesome. And while they follow the standard guitar/bass/keys/drums setup, each member does double duty on another instrument, so their live shows are an endless rotation of talent and I imagine nobody in the band gets bored. Drummer Greg Black is something you gotta see to believe, I can't paint a picture of his drumming style in words...think Animal from the Muppets, but with impeccable timing.

For only being 18-20 years old, Collisions are doing fairly well for themselves -- they've been together about 4 years now and just got signed to Santa Cruz label S.A.F. Records; their debut full-length Villain's Spirit is due out on July 7th. Check out a couple tracks below, and visit their Myspace for the show calendar.

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