Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exclusive interview with Previously on Lost!

Last night I headed over to the Lost season 5 finale party at Bell House, at which my favorite recap band was playing. That's right, Previously On Lost. I had the pleasure of seeing them at the season 5 premiere party, also at Bell House, earlier this year. This time they obviously had a few new songs from season 5, so that was fun to see. Man, I really wish that I could see them perform before every episode of Lost that I watch. Anyway, I got the chance to ask the boys a few questions beforehand and here's what they had to say:

What made you decide to form a Lost recap band?
We're wholly dedicated to all JJ Abrams' earthly creations. We could have easily been a band devoted to Felicity as everything JJ touches becomes equal and "as one." But Lost was in our present, so we had to go with it. People think Lost is full of puzzles and unclear plot trajectories, but really it's all pretty simple to explain: they're havin' a blast on an island vacation retreat of a lifetime! Some people feel the need to speculate about things that haven't happened yet, but we like to focus on what's already happened and tell people about it with kazoos and casio keyboards. And we like the leisure luau lifestyle.

If you're wholly dedicated to JJ Abrams, are you going to do some Star Trek songs?
We completed a sci-fi opera about deep space travel last year called Champollion, so Star Trek is territory where we've already boldly gone. Listen to it at Star Trek is one of the greatest TV shows of all time and it would not be surprising if JJ becomes the first to successfully present a chapter that will be treasured beyond the loyal Star Trek fan base. If Michael Giacchino wants to team up to do Star Trek the animated series with us, we'd have to say "yes." Or Lost the animated series for that matter.

What are your plans for the band when Lost ends in May 2010? Are you going to dissolve the band, live on as a tribute band, or start recapping episodes of a different show?
I think you've received some incorrect information. Lost lives on. Always. If my sources are right, Lost will be the first show ever to run for 300 Seasons. Needless to say, we'll be in business for QUITE some time. Recap rock will always survive, we've got major plans to recap the 2010 World Cup, as possibly some historical educational recaps. We aim to push the boundaries as to what can and can't be recapped. Lost will likely be our only televised fictional subject matter, but anything is possible.

Who are your favorite Lost characters?
Let's start with our LEAST favorite: Jack. He's a crier and his hands are shaky. Dan Farraday is the greatest hero of Lost. Sawyer and Juliette are the smoken-est couple on the show (way hotter than Desmond and Penny no question). Kate and Jack don't deserve true love. Miles and Hurley have the best superpowers. Locke has the oldest soul and the baldest head.

If Dan Farraday is your favorite character, how did you react to his being killed in the second to last episode?
It was sad, for sure. But, as many already know , the sixth season will be the "zombie season" where every deceased character comes back to life for a series of challenges on the island. Whoever has Mr. Eko on their beach volleyball team is going to win for sure.

What do you think the deal is with the smoke monster?
I think she probably has one of most lucrative deals in show business, the first of it's kind for a cast member that is neither human nor animal. It's definitely one that's locked her in for the duration of the show, and really maintains a mandatory character development, which is awesome for her since the back-story is huge and it would be a shame to shortchange such a significant smoky history. I'm assuming there's a pretty solid rider that caters to the smoke monster's daily intake of trees and Lost extras, which craft services no doubt has under control.

How do you know the smoke monster is a "she"?
As with iguanas, it is difficult to tell smoke monster's gender at a young age, so when we first got her we weren't sure. But we started taking her on walks to the park and her behavioral patterns developed among other smoke monsters. People would ask us questions - "Oooohhh, how big does she get?" and "Have you had her fixed?" Finally, we took her to a vet, and had the sex determined for sure to be female. We would never get her fixed though.

What would be your ideal way for Lost to wrap up it's last season?
JJ ended Felicity by sending the college students back in time and reviewing an alternate chain of events, but with Lost...that already happened. So whatever JJ forsees will be done and treasured by all viewers without qualm or question (Carleton and Damon too I guess). For them to bust the space-time continuum beyond repair and have everything dissolve into abstract tropical dream where everyone rides polar bears while drinking Coronas would be fine. They don't have to explain the 4-toed statue. It's ok with me.

I know you guys have other side projects that I've heard are equally hilarious. Talk a little bit about those.
There's nothing funny about a space opera titled Champollion, inspired by the musings of Carl Sagan. There's something a little funny, but mostly endearing about a band dedicated to re-imagining old Disney and children's music, titled Long Live King Richard. There's something really funny about an absurdist hip hop group titled Berzerkulosis, with a single all about Big League Chew.

And on one final note, I (Em) have to say that I am both intrigued and slightly annoyed by the season finale. I can't wait for the new season to start, but that's mostly because they keep posing questions and not answering most of the millions we already had. Great cliffhanger though. Props for that.

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