Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Headlights and Loney Dear @ The Cedar

Sunday night I had the pleasure of seeing a show with my co-writer Lise at the Cedar here in Minneapolis. The Cedar is a nice space and I think it's really cool that it's a nonprofit, though I wished that this show hadn't been a sit-down affair since Headlights' music is very danceable.

The show started rather late because apparently Headlights' van broke down on the way to the show. They seemed a little stressed about it still when they performed, but they managed to have fun nonetheless and I had a lot of fun watching them. They played a very upbeat set with a lot of energy (maybe it was adrenaline left over from rushing to the show) and danced around, which made me wish that I could get up and dance but the audience was pretty laid back and I didn't want to be the only one. As much as I prefer a too quiet audience to a too loud audience, I kind of wished this audience had more energy and had thrown the chairs to the side to dance. Or had at least been moving around in their chairs a little more. Oh well. Headlights played all my favorites, including an old favorite ("Put Us Back Together Right") that I had kind of forgotten about since their new album came out, so that was delightful. They seemed like really cool, chill people who seemed really grateful (and relieved) to be there and be performing for us.

Next up was Swedish band Loney Dear. I have to say, after the Headlights' dancing, high energy performance, Loney Dear seemed a little stiff. They still put on a good show though. Their music sounded really good and they masterfully played songs both calm and quiet (which sometimes started out without microphones) and full and fast. Frontman Emil Svanängen looks like a a big ol' teddy bear but he's got a memorable, powerful voice. And as for his band, you can tell these guys are all very talented musicians, despite the trouble they seemed to have keeping their guitars in tune, and they're very humble about it.
Airport Surroundings [mp3] - (iTunes)

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