Friday, April 24, 2009

Antony and the Johnsons

I was all set to post about Dean Fields (more about him later), when I realized that I hadn't share the awesomeness of Antony and the Johnsons with you fine people.  A friend of mine sent me a video of an exponentially awkward appearance on Dutch TV, and I just thought that I had to expound to you the incredible-ness of Antony and his wonderful Johnsons (that sounds dirty, but I didn't mean it to be).  

Whenever I talk about Antony, I always feel the need to convince people that he's incredible.  Before I saw them live, I was not the biggest fan, but now, I continually get swept into reveries of nostalgia.  If you've never seen them perform live, you. just. have. to.

Antony and the Johnsons released their newest album, "The Crying Light," earlier this year, and I'm just in love.  Antony's vocals are incredibly emotive, and in terms of timbre, there's no one in the indie landscape that even begins to compare.  If you've never heard him, take a listen and I think you'll understand.  It's not just his distinctive vocals that bring me to my knees.  The musical arrangements, utilizing such instruments as the piano, bass guitar, the string bass, the saxophone, violins, acoustic guitar and more, are complex and arresting.  The Johnsons do a wonderful job at perfectly reflecting and highlighting Antony's trembling voice, as well as the meaning of the lyrics he sings.  Incredible!

[As a side note about Antony's Johnsons, Maxim (one of the violinists) is just about the most drop dead gorgeous man I have ever seen (and I fully intend to go down to my grave swearing that at one the shows I've been to I caught his eye and we had a mid-"Bird Guhl" moment a la any cheesy Lifetime movie).]

Another World [mp3] "The Crying Light" (iTunes)

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