Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flowers of Hell

Ok, so I don't love the band name, but I do really like the album from Flowers of Hell, "Come Hell of Highwater." Flowers of Hell is a 16-piece "orchestra" (not your standard orchestra mind you) half based in London and half based in Toronto. As for the album, there were a lot more than 16 people involved: it was recorded with 30 musicians all over the world.

The music is entirely instrumental. It's very cinematic. I could definitely hear it being the score to a film. I'm not really sure what to all to say about it to be honest, except that I haven't heard anything else like it recently. It's a rather modern take on orchestral music, a little experimental at times but still containing classical elements. Much of it is incredibly calming. They utilize many different styles, and I enjoy their versatility. The album comes out April 6th in Canada and the UK and will be released digitally other places.

Bluemschen [mp3]

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