Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sara Lov

Sara Lov is starting to make quite the splash on the music blog scene- and for good reason. Sara is not new to the performing realm- she is most commonly known as being a member of the Devics, but has recently split off to pursue her own music. The indie/pop/folk singer was signed to the Nettwerk label this past August. Since then, she has already produced her first solo EP, The Young Eyes, and her first full-length debut album Seasoned Eyes Were Burning will be released April 2009. The 5-track EP contains two amazing cover songs, "My Body Is A Cage" (Arcade Fire) and "Timebomb" (Beck), as well as 3 originals that showcase Sarah's honeyed melancholic voice and strong skill for the subdued musical dramatics.

My Body Is A Cage [mp3]
A Thousand Bees [mp3]

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Also, KaiserCartel are currently nominated for The Deli's "Artist of the Month" (and deservedly so), but they need your vote! Please take a second out of your day to vote for them by clicking here.

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Redbird said...

correction: "Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming", has not yet been released. It comes out in April of 2009 on Nettwerk. It will be Sara Lov's first full length record.

Lise said...

Hmm. The info I received was wrong upon checking, but as I had the album already, I assumed that it had been released officially. Apparently she finished most of the album by March 2008 and it was leaked. Thanks for the correction, redbird.