Sunday, November 9, 2008

Juliette Commagére

Today I have some music from Juliette Commagére for you, of LA band Hello Stranger. She's come out with a solo album called "Queens Die Proudly." There's something rather '90s about her music, which - coming from me and my love for '90s music - is a major compliment. Particularly the title track, my favorite track on the album, which is a techno power ballad of sorts. The album is full of pretty, reverberant ballads slightly reminiscent of the '90s that Juliette's voice floats over with ease. She's definitely doing pretty well for herself, doing residencies with the likes of Petra Haden, collaborating with Maynard from Tool, and touring with the Foo Fighters (speaking of '90s music....). So check her out.

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