Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hearts of Palm UK

Hearts of Palm UK , not to be confused with Hearts of Palm, is an indie poptronica group that centers around the softy silk voice of Erica Elektra. You may be surprised to learn after listening to the tracks that all the songs were originally composed on guitar and then transformed into sweetened electronica using a Korg workstation. The tracks were mastered by Henrik Jonsson in Sweden, who also worked on Lykke Li and Camera Obscura's albums. The overall sound is folk-inspired lo-fi pop turned twinkling synth electronica, if you can imagine that. If not, then give it a listen, cause it's pretty wonderful.

I Flow [mp3]

EDIT: Since someone is apparently writing up multiple reports on my posts, let me clarify for this one, just in case you didn't know: this mp3 was sent to our website by the bands' management for review and sharing purposes, ok? Ok. thanks.

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