Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ane Brun @ Union Hall

Last night I had the wonderful pleasures of seeing Ane Brun play at Union Hall. She was everything I hoped she would be and more - incredibly talented, sweet, funny. It was really a great show. She played all of my favorite songs of hers, including Song No. 6, The Puzzle, Rubber & Soul, and more. In between the songs, she would tell us about what the songs were about, her inspirations, her experiences. For example, I learned that The Puzzle is actually about a friend of hers who was dumped by a pop star. Her voice sounded even richer in person than it does on the recordings. In my review of her album, I said one thing I missed was the simplistic beauty of some of her older songs, as this new album has much more complex arrangements (and they're gorgeous arrangements too but there was something captivating about the spareness of some of her older music). This show was the perfect showcase for how high a quality her music is because it was just her and her guitar, but the music was so full and engaging. That simple beauty that first made me love her music was there in spades and she didn't need an orchestra behind her for the songs to be completely stunning.

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