Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Purpose of GFP, restated

Due to the recent notification I received from google Blogger about my last post which has been since removed by Blogger due to a filed complaint, I feel its very important to restate a few things about this music blog.

Mp3s are for sampling purposes only and are only available for a limited time. We encourage all those who like the music they hear to support the artists and purchase the music through the various links we provide. If we have posted your music and you want it removed, simply let us know by emailing us at, and it will be removed immediately. We would like to think that this blog and the music blogging community as a whole is a place of mutual respect and trust between artists and bloggers. We only seek to share new and wonderful music that we have enjoyed with others so that those artists can grow in their fan base and familiarity.

Thank you.

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