Friday, November 14, 2008

Rachel Goodrich

The words I would use to describe Rachel Goodrich include fantastically goofy and delightfully wonderful. This 24-year old writes catchy self-proclaimed "shake-a-billy" ( "not rockabilly- it doesn't rock; it shakes.") songs like the joyful The Black Hole and incorporates instruments ranging from the guitar to spoons to the kazoo to pots and pans in her music. In her album, Tinker Toys, Goodrich allows her voice to naturally warble in all the right places while keeping things fun and quirky. The result is well-crafted music created by a girl you just want to know better. Watch her extremely lo-fi music video and tell me you don't want to be her friend:

Upcoming shows:
November 14th, 8pm New World Brewery - Tampa, FL
November 15th, 8pm Anti*Pop Fest at the Social - Orlando, FL
November 19th, 10:45pm The Florida Room - Miami Beach, FL
December 10th, 7pm The Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA

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