Wednesday, September 17, 2008

April McLean

Good gracious, how come it took me so long to discover April McLean? This indie-alternative-pop singer draws inspiration from Aimme Man, Tori Amos, and Sarah McLachlan while letting her piano lead the way through her bouncy and heartfelt compositions. Her second album, Darbytown Road, was released almost a year ago, and that's where you can find the song that I'll be posting today.

Rock, Paper, Scissors - April Mclean [mp3]

As a bonus of sorts, I have to inform you that this almost became a Bands That Sound The Same post when this song by Birdie Busch played on my itunes right after April McLean. Unfotch, their ballad voices are quite distinctly different, so no BtStS post this round. Still, I want to share:

Go Go Gadget Heart - Birdie Busch [mp3]

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