Friday, September 19, 2008

Bloc Party @ Roseland Ballroom

Quick concert summary for today. Last night I headed very last minute to see Bloc Party play for free at Roseland Ballroom. Having never seen them live before or been the Roseland Ballroom, I was excited.

Long before the show even started, I very quickly became wary of the all ages crowd. As my friend so eloquently put it "I feel like I'm surrounded by the cast of Paranoid Park" (aka a bunch of 14 year old over-privileged kids who think they're punks and are really rude). Anyway, the first band was so forgettable that I don't even remember their name.

Bloc Party was a lot of fun. They were high energy and have their adorable British accents. People were dancing up a storm. The lighting was pretty cool and the sound was much better than it was for the first band. The lead singer, Kele Okereke, is very charismatic - though he was a lot less hipster than I expected him to be. Overall the concert was a lot of fun. That is, until all the Paranoid Park teenyboppers thought it would be cool to start a mosh pit and I got caught in the middle of it. Moshing to Bloc Party? Really? And crowd surfing? Definitely kind of ruined the show for me because people were so obnoxious and rude. I was actually really glad I didn't have my camera with me (and thus this picture is from my phone).

All in all a good show, but like I've always said - the audience can make or break it.

Banquet [mp3] - iTunes

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