Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Nun

The mild mannered boys of Los Angeles-based Mad Gregs - whom I saw for the first time at Cake Shop last summer - have recently come out with a new album, "Big Nun." Great name for an album by the way. This is their first release under record label Fake Four Inc. Maybe it's been too long since I've seen them, but it seems to me that this album is a little less experimental than their earlier stuff. Or maybe I've gotten more experimental and so they just seem less experimental... *shrugs* My point is, it's poppy, which is great. And I'd say it has a little more dramatic flare to it. It's still "quiet music for intimate spaces," that - despite it's quietness - has a very full sound. They still utilize an impressive variety of instruments and noise-making stuff - how many bands can you name with a bass clarinet?

I actually really like "Big Nun." It's a gentle, relaxing listening experience - which is perfect for me today as I'm nursing some kind of flu-like illness. "Big Nun" is a good album to curl up in bed to, albeit a short one. It's only 8 songs. They've been described as "chamber pop" and I think that's a really good label for this album.

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