Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yesterday I received a lovely email from John Wood, a member of Mad Gregs, who had seen my review of their show at Cake Shop. He emailed to tell me about another project of his: ing, who apparently performed before Mad Gregs but whom I missed because I was busy enjoying some delicious vegan "death by chocolate" cake upstairs.

The LA-based duo, which formed about two years ago, has obviously kept themselves very busy as they released their sixth album - entitled "ing 6" - this summer. You can listen to the album in its entirity on their website. The other member of the duo is Max Markowitz.

While their name (as well as their album and song titles) might lead you to believe they are minimalistic, I don't think their music is really. Some of it is, but some of it is also very full. It is all pretty experimental (some songs more than others). If you are like me and have a hard time listening to things that are super experimental, don't let the first track on the album, sixty-two, discourage you. Most of their songs are not as experimental as that one and are much less minimalistic. Not to say that I didn't like the first track. On the contrary, I did actually. But I would've had a hard time listening to 50 minutes of it, so I'm glad most of their songs were a little less experimental.

Like Mad Gregs, ing is "quietish music designed and written for intimate spaces." It definitely wouldn't seem right seeing them perform in a big stadium or something. The music is very relaxing, but I feel like some of it would actually be really good music for a movie soundtrack. There is a lot of energy behind their music, despite how calm it is. And maybe it's because - based on what I've read on their website - they have quite the visual component to them, as well (Lula Louise referred to them as "part music and part performance art"), their music lends itself to that visual/dramatic sensibility that soundtrack music needs.

And some samples for you from "ing 6" (although, like I said, you can listen to the albums in their entirity on their website, or you can buy them and, "for a limited time only, get a free haiku with every purchase," which sounds pretty freaking awesome).

sixty-three [mp3]
seventy-two [mp3]

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