Monday, August 6, 2007

Shout Out Out Out Out Out Out Out Out Out Out...

Friday night was a free concert at Studio B. The bands playing: Dirty on Purpose, Shout Out Out Out Out, and CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy - Portugese for "[I] got tired of being sexy"). Because it was a free concert, the line was a million miles long when I got there at like 9:15. (Doors were supposed to open at 9pm, and I had my friend Amanda's goodbye party to go to beforehand, plus I got a little lost in Williamsburg...). Now, Studio B is a nice venue and it's fairly big but it holds 1000 people and 3000 people or so RSVPed online. Luckily, a friend of mine who is super cool got me in VIP style (the same friend who embarrassed me at Anni Rossi, so maybe that makes up for it) so I didn't have to wait in line behind 500 or so people like I thought I was going to have to. Regardless of that, though, Studio B was packed.

Dirty on Purpose was... boring. And I hate to say it because they seemed like nice guys and their music was even decent. I'm sure I'd like listening to their recordings. But, as performers, they looked bored. Or maybe really really really high. But, by my criteria, if you're performing live, you'd better not look bored (high or not). Because that makes me bored. You have to look like you're having a blast and you need to have energy. The band member with the most charisma was the drummer (who was also kinda the lead singer I think) and I thought so even despite the fact that I couldn't see his face most of the time due to an inconveniently placed symbol.

Shout Out Out Out Out was actually quite enjoyable. While I knew I would like their music, I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of performance. I've never really seen any electronica band perform live, and I didn't really think it would be all that entertaining due to the repetitive nature of electronica and the fact that so much of it is often done on a computer. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of energy and fun they brought to the stage. As I suspected, some of the band members didn't always have that much to do, but they just danced around stage and had fun, so I was still quite pleased with them. I liked when they were like "this song goes out to anybody with student loan debt." That made me happy. Unfortunately, the lighting sucked so I couldn't really get any decent pictures (plus my camera sucks, which doesn't help...).

For the first two bands, the crowd was relatively tame (and therefore pleasant). A little moshing that spilled over into our area occasionally, but mostly everyone danced and had a good time and chilled. During CSS, however, all that changed. The mosh pit grew and spread, people were crowd surfing, and I got separated from my friend. Nothing like an obnoxiously rowdy crowd to ruin a good concert (for me). CSS was still good and had a great energy, but it was so hard for me to even pay attention to them as I was focusing on not being knocked over or kicked in the head. I'd much rather just dance in my own minuscule space and enjoy the music than mosh. I really don't understand the appeal of moshing. (and yes, I gave in and used flash... but I hate these pictures).

CSS is a Brazilian band, composed mostly of girls (which makes me happy because there aren't enough girl rock bands). The annoying thing was they took forever to set up and get ready. They covered the stage in balloons, which normally I might think was cool, but it made them start so late and so I didn't even get home until almost 3am (and I had to get up early the next morning). Anyway, they had a pretty awesome energy and it was great dance music. The lead singer crowd surfed at one point. And I don't know what possessed her, or how she even put up with it but she started out wearing a flannel shirt, two spandex body suits and then something underneath that. Periodically she would strip down a layer. I must've gotten stuck in the mosh pit between one of her costume changes because all of a sudden I looked up and I was like "that's not the same spandex body suit she was wearing before..." and I was a bit confused. But I don't know how she did it at first. It was so hot in that place. I can't even imagine wearing two spandex body suites. She is gorgeous though and she had awesome charisma. I kind of wish I was as cool as her. The guitar player also had really great presence. Once I got out of the mosh pit (which just seemed to keep spreading to engulf me no matter where I went), I enjoyed it a great deal.

I apologize for only having CSS, but you can listen to the other bands online with the links I provided you. I also apologize for not realizing that the link for the song Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above didn't work... I have reposted it for you guys. So here are a few songs by CSS:

Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
- CSS - Cansei De Ser Sexy (iTunes)
Music is My Hot, Hot Sex (mp3) - CSS - Cansei De Ser Sexy (iTunes)

In other news, I auditioned for a game show today. Yup. Little ol' me who has no desire to be in front of the camera and have her 15 minutes of fame. But I want to win lots of money, so I did it. I am not really sure how it went. I did well (I think) with the physical audition part - which is ironic since that is the part I was most worried about - but there was a written test too, which I bombed. So we'll see. Either way though, I had nothing to lose by auditioning, so I went in just thinking "screw it." And I'm glad I did it. It's a story to tell and it was a good opportunity to challenge myself. Unfortunately I missed the free Blonde Redhead and I'm From Barcelona concert/pool party (and it was the perfect weather for a pool party too...). Oh well. Que sera sera. Tata dahlings.

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Gypsy Girl said...

good luck good luck! crossing my fingers for your game show possible appearance.