Thursday, August 2, 2007

35W Bridge Collapses in Minneapolis

I know today was supposed to be week two of Theme Thursday, but being that I am originally from Minneapolis, where a major interstate bridge collapsed into the Mississippi river yesterday during rush hour, I felt the need to write about that today instead.

First, let me just say that my heart goes out to anyone who was on that bridge or who knew people on that bridge. It's really very tragic. So far, it appears I am very lucky and nobody that I know was involved. I called basically everyone in my phonebook who might have been near Minneapolis last night. I still haven't heard back from a few people, but something inside of me tells me they're fine. Of course, I'm going to keep calling them until I reach them anyway, but I suspect most of them wouldn't have a reason to be near the bridge at that time anyway.

I just watched the video of the bridge collapsing (and it's kind of sick to me that you can watch video of any disaster nowadays). That is terrifying. I already have a mild phobia of going over bridges in vehicles (moreso because I'm afraid of getting in an accident and getting knocked off the bridge than the bridge itself actually collapsing, but this certainly isn't going to help). The bridge collapsed. It freaking collapsed! One moment the bridge is there and then the next it's not. I couldn't even imagine seeing it happen in person. One article I read had a guy describing how he just saw the cars in front of him sink out sight and there was a loud crash. I don't know what I'd do.

This is going to sound cheesy, but this event made me realize how I've taken some of my friends for granted. I went through my phone last night and called people I haven't talked to in months to make sure they were alive. I guess I always kind of assume they'll be there and so I don't need to call them often, even though I still really care about them. But I shouldn't take that for granted. They could be gone at any moment. It was really nice to talk to some people I haven't talked to in a while. I wish I could've talked to them for longer, but I wanted to call everyone as soon as possible.

When I talked to one of my friends who got married this past December, she informed me she is having a baby in January. So that's a bit of good news that I received in all the craziness of last night. I'm happy for her if she's happy. It's just weird I guess because she's slightly younger than me (I'm 21).

Two things that drive me crazy about this though: how everyone instantly assumes terrorism (really not a very likely place or situation for a terrorist attack. Think people.) and how CNN is capitalizing off of it (I haven't really watched the other channels today, but CNN was on for a while at work and all they talked about was the bridge and there was like a four hour special on it tonight. It's not like they even have that much information yet. Plus they were the ones who have the video of the bridge falling online. It seems kind of sick to me.)

Anyway, I guess that will be all for today. Sorry for the lack of music. I promise music will be back tomorrow and I will resume Theme Thursday next week. Tata dahlings.

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