Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Running with Scissors

At the 2006 Siren Music Festival, I was blessed to get to see Stars, whom I love and adore. However, playing at the same exact time on the other stage was another band I would've loved to see: the Scissors Sisters. While I don't regret my choice (life is to short to spend time regretting things), I really hope that I have another chance to see them live (for free would be nice since it would've been free at Siren...), as I'm sure they were tons of fun and put on a great performance.

Hopefully, most of you have heard of the Scissors Sisters. I realize that they haven't released an album this year/recently or anything, but I still feel like writing about them because they've been coming up via shuffle on my iPod with unusual frequency lately and it is making me quite happy. So I thought I would share a little bit of that happiness with you guys.

One thing I love about the Scissors Sisters is their disco influence. When I was little, I was convinced that I was a disco queen in my last life because of my unusual love of this genre for someone my age. Scissors Sisters are really the closest thing I can think of to disco that exists right now. Artists like Mika, Jamiroquai, or (occasionally) Honeycut might show a little disco influence, but Scissors Sisters embody the genre more. At the same time, Scissors Sisters definitely have a more modern tone that makes them stand apart from disco tunes from the 1970s. Then there's songs like Intermission, which reminds me 1920s silent movies. Along that line is also I Can't Decide, which also has a little country banjo twang and electronica (plus it's just an awesomely morbid song). Or Transistor, which is very electronica. Or the kind of grunge rock/blues/disco/electronica Music is the Victim. As you may know, I'm all about eclecticism and my favorite artists are those who utilize a cornucopia of different sounds. So here you are kids - some songs for your enjoyment:

Filthy Gorgeous (mp3) - Scissors Sisters ("Scissors Sisters") - iTunes
Music is the Victim (mp3) - Scissors Sisters ("Scissors Sisters") - iTunes
I Can't Decide (mp3) - Scissors Sisters ("Ta-Dah") - iTunes
Paul McCartney (mp3) - Scissors Sisters ("Ta-Dah") - iTunes

And some music videos because I'm feeling extra generous today:

I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Kiss You Off

Tata dahlings.

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Gypsy Girl said...

I love that you are introducing people to music like this. I went and listened to some of the Scissor Sisters and they're fantastic. You are my music lifeline.