Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rocking your socks off

Short update today (for once... haha). Lots to do before Gladys (my filmmaking partner) leaves the country tomorrow...

I have found myself more and more getting into rock. Like, relatively hard rock (not metal or anything, but like... gritty rock). I used to be all about more poppy rock, but lately I'm just loving me some down-n-dirty, gritty electric guitar with some booming drums and a rocking bass line. Not to say that some of these songs aren't a little poppy deep down... But instead of making me want to get up and dance at a club, they make me want to go to a motorcycle bar and play pool or something (and probably still dance though). Anyway, here are some of the great rock songs I've been listening to lately:

The W.A.N.D. (mp3) - The Flaming Lips ("At War With Mystics") - iTunes

Berlin (mp3) - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ("Baby 81") - iTunes

Cherry Lips (mp3) - Archie Bronson Outfit ("Derang Derang") - iTunes

Forget Myself (mp3) - Elbow ("Anywhere Anytime: Outdoor Conditioning") - iTunes

Tata dahlings.

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