Thursday, July 19, 2007

Do you remember that night? Cuz I don't...

Today I am posting about Cars Can Be Blue. A duo from the indie music factory of Athens, Georgia, the band consists of a guy on drums (Nate) and a girl on guitar (Becky). They both sing. I was introduced to their music by my friend Luke, who kind of just put all of his music on my iPod and said "listen to it or you suck." Their album, All the Stuff We Do, has 20 songs, most of them less than 2 minutes.

The brevity of their songs is a good thing. I'm not sure they would be tolerable if they were longer, but in their shortness they manage to maintain their amusing quality. To be honest, some of their songs are a little too nonsensical/ADD for my taste (like "Bike Shop" with the lyrics repeated: "let's break into the bike shop. do it now. diet coke. aaaaaahhhh." luckily the song is only 49 seconds long). And then some of their songs are just downright raunchy and hilarious (like "Abortion" or "She Needs It"). I just can't listen to them too much without getting a little disturbed.

I think the gems are actually the ones though that aren't so raunchy and are a little more sensical. I feel like it's so easy to be raunchy and make people laugh, but the more clever humor is in the songs that aren't raunchy. Like the song "Hey Hippie" (which having gone to art school for 5 years I can really appreciate, haha). Or the songs "You're so Cute" or "Perm Guy." I also like the 80's rap-spoof song "Do You Want It?" about a girl who ditches a guy on the dance floor. Then there are the songs that are just so weird I kind of have to like them, such as "The Pincher."

One of the songs "D in the P" (take a guess as to what that's about...) actually has Becky singing in a kind of operatic voice, and I must say she has some great vocal potential. I don't really like the nasally voice she yells/sings in for most of the album - it sounds just like a lot of other similar indie female singers (ie Le Tigre). but when she's singing all mockingly operatically, I can hear that she actually has a pretty voice.

One thing I do like about the album is that they kind of spoof a few different genres, and as you may already have figured out, I like albums where the songs sound different. Anyway, I guess that is all I will post for today. Tata dahlings.

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