Friday, July 20, 2007

Fire in the Taco Bell

Tonight (Thursday night, as it is now Friday) I went to see Electric Six play the Rocks Off concert cruise. While I overall enjoyed the night, there were definitely pluses and minuses. Let's go over them.

Plus: it was a cruise around Manhattan with breathtaking views
Minus: It cost a lot of money
Plus: it brought me closer to the Statue of Liberty than I had ever been
Minus: Drunk people, when I myself am not also inebriated, annoy me and being trapped on a boat with them got rather obnoxious at times.
Plus: Electric Six put on a great high-energy performance
Minus: the opening band was not so memorable (I don't remember their name, just that they were from Philly and they sounded like a million other bands I've heard).
Plus: I was very very close to the "stage"
Minus: There wasn't really a stage. They were level with us. I'm short. Therefore it was hard to see. Plus the ceiling was really low, so it wasn't like you could really see over the crowd either.
Plus: My friend Keith got to play the guitar player's guitar momentarily (and so did a few other people. I must admit I'm a tad bit jealous).
Minus: My ears literally hurt. I probably did lots of damage to my hearing as I was standing right in front of a speaker and didn't feel like being the only person in the place wearing ear plugs.
Plus: Great dance music
Minus: Moshers when there's no designated mosh pit who get too rowdy in such a small, confined space
Plus: Perfect weather (especially when it was supposed to rain)
Minus: Slutty drunk girl pole-dancing and obstructing my view of the band (I know you're training for your career as a stripper, but I mean, come on. I paid a lot of money to see the band).
Plus: they played a song from their upcoming album and it was highly enjoyable, which makes me look forward to said album being released
Minus: there was no lighting and with the way the stage was set up I couldn't take very good pictures (and I had to use flash... ew). Plus I don't think I ever got a picture of one of the band members because he was always on the opposite side of the stage.
Plus: The band kind of invited everyone in the audience to the after party to do coke with them (or as they referred to it: "nose candy"). It was a very hypothetical invitation, but it was a nice thought and it was funny how he went on and on about "nose candy."
Minus: This means they're big cokeheads, which is just so cliche.
Plus: They played my three favorite songs.

Ok, so in summary: Electric Six + cruise = great. Other concert goers + stage/audience space = annoying as hell. And now for some mediocre pictures (please remember: confined space, tall people in front of me, lack of light).

This is so you can get an idea how terrible the lighting was...

I loved that because we were on a boat half of them were wearing sailor hats...

This picture is probably the best. It's actually pretty good considering. And damn he is fine.

I was trying to get the poor keyboard player since he always ended up behind the guitar player in all the pictures...

The lead singer started out the concert by hugging random people at the front of the audience.

K, I got lazy and decided to stop captioning them. But you guys get the idea. All in all, fun was had and that is the important thing. I realize the pictures are really small but I think if you click on them, it will make them big in a new window or something.

And some samplings for you (my three favorites from their album Fire):

Danger! High Voltage! - iTunes
Improper Dancing - iTunes
Gay Bar - iTunes

Ok kids, I'm off to bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow and accomplish things. Tata dahlings.

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