Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Reverend John DeLore

This past Wednesday night I saw The Reverend John DeLore play at Bar 4 in Brooklyn. He played a solid set of gritty bluesy country rock that is the epitome of Americana to me and had everyone in the bar bopping, tapping and even dancing. I don't know if he's actually a reverend but the Wisconsin native looks like your classic American "hometown" boy with his sandy brown beard and friendly smile.

His album is even decorated in an American flag theme and it's called Ode to an American Urn. The album alternates from gritty country rock to gentle ballads to catchy (almost poppy) tunes. His music would be perfect to blast at full volume while driving through the desert with your windows down. Watching him in person, though, I felt more like I was in a dive bar in the rural South than in Park Slope. The gritty country rock aspect really comes out even more in his live performance. He's playing a show at Banjo Jim's on Saturday, September 5th - so go check him out!

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