Monday, July 13, 2015

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones at 9:30 Club

Last night I took advantage of a last-minute free ticket offer from a friend to see The Mighty Mighty Bosstones at 9:30 Club. Ska is not my typical genre of choice, but I forget how much fun it really can be, especially live. Teenage me was super psyched to see them. This particular show surprised me by having a bit of a punk edge to it, too (at least the first two bands).

First up was The Interrupters. They were awesome. Didn't totally get their whole all-three-guys-with-buzz-cuts look (if they weren't dressed so hip my initial thought would've been that they were skinheads). The lead singer, Aimee, has an interesting voice, very deep and raspy but strong. She was quite spunky. They all were really, jumping, dancing standing on their boxes. A near-perfect blend of punk and ska so as to be edgy but still maintain some of that ska playfulness.

Next up was Street Dogs, who were definitely on the more punk side of the spectrum. I loved how lead singer Mike McColgan spent probably more than half their set standing on the barricade leaning into the audience. Their set was very "power to the people" - lots of fists raised high. It got a little rowdy in the crowd but I kind of enjoyed the rowdiness - it wasn't super rough or disrespectful as it sometimes can be.

And of course, the headliner was the good ol' Mighty Mighty Bosstones. They were a blast. Everyone on stage seemed like they were having so much fun! They had one guy on stage whose sole responsibility seemed to be dancing (occasionally he sang a little backup I think but barely. But boy, did he never stop moving!). One kind of heart-warming moment was when frontman Dicky Barrett brought his son on stage to play with them, who just so happened to be one of The Interrupters! Kind of a cool family ska legacy.

All in all it was a great show. I danced, I was covered in sweat by the end (only half of it mine I think), and it might be the most fun I've had at a show since SXSW. Check out more pictures here.

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