Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Family Crest @ Rock 'n' Roll Hotel

Friday night I hit Rock 'n' Roll Hotel to see The Family Crest. I had wanted to see them at SXSW but didn't get around to it in all the craziness. Unfortunately I missed the opener.

They started with the epic "Beneath the Brine," which sort of surprised me - I figured they'd save that for later. However, it certainly kicked off the set with a lot of energy, and they continued to keep it up. They really are a talented group of people. I know they have tons and tons of guest artists on their recordings (they claim over 400 "extended family" members who have contributed) but the core band is only 7. I guess that is still a relatively large band, but I was wondering how they could still maintain such a full sound. They definitely managed. The whole set felt quite robust.

I definitely recommend checking out The Family Crest if you have the chance. I have a feeling we'll continue seeing wonderful things from them.

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