Thursday, July 30, 2015

Django Django @ 9:30 Club

Yesterday I made a relatively impromptu decision to catch Django Django at 9:30 Club. I'm so glad that I did! I feel like it's rare for me to be able to make last minute decisions about shows at 9:30 because they usually sell out in advance but I was fortunate this time. Because I went on the early side to make sure I could get tickets, I have never been at 9:30 Club that early ever and the sun was streaming through the windows in a really beautiful way, reminiscent of a church a bit.

Opening was Beat Connection, who were a hip, young, attractive group of guys. Made me feel kinda old actually, haha. But their music was very danceable and they put on a good show. My only question mark was the pants-tucked-into-socks look of the lead singer. Please tell me that's not a new fad. Please.

Django Django was wonderful. The lead singer played multiple instruments and rocked the f**k out the whole time. I really enjoy their unique mix of jangly surf guitar and electronic sounds. And I liked the way they incorporated images/video, though I think they could continue to hone and improve that (and I'm sure they will). I danced my ass off and had a jolly good time.

More pictures here.

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