Monday, September 29, 2014

OK Go @ 9:30 Club

Having never had the chance to see OK Go live before, I had certain expectations of elaborate gimmicks (in a good way, a la their music videos). While there set up was still intense enough that they couldn’t have an opening act, what I witnessed instead was an incredibly intimate show – an impressive feat at a large venue like the 9:30 Club. The music was great, the visuals were captivating (the best use of video I’ve seen at a live show), and there was more confetti than at Times Square on New Years, but my favorite parts of the show were the “quieter” moments where they turned all that off: when they stopped to do a hilarious audience Q&A or when lead singer Damian Kulash came into the audience and performed right in the center with just his guitar. 

Damian Kulash playing in the audience

While not one of the quieter moments, they even let some of the audience up on the stage (I was just 2 people away from getting up there – heartbreak!). They weren’t just performing in front of us or even to us, they made the audience really feel like a part of the show in a way that is rare to experience, and that I have never experienced at a venue of this size or by a band of their level of fame.

The band doing a Q&A
I have a feeling this show is going to live on in my memory as a favorite for a long time to come. And I’m glad that it wasn’t what I was expecting – no elaborate props (well, except the confetti cannon) or costumes, just a really good, participatory show.

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