Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Other Lives @ Red Palace - 2.21.12

Last night I went to the Red Palace to see Oklahoma-based band Other Lives. I've been a fan of them for quite a while and they have been generating some well-deserved buzz. The show was sold out and it was quite packed - they probably could've sold out an even larger venue, honestly.

First up was Australian-based Wim. I knew nothing about them before the show but I was impressed. The 5-piece all-male band had good energy, solid music and were not hard on the eyes to boot. The lead singer maybe tries a little too hard in some ways (mostly fashion-wise) but he's got a great voice and a strong lead presence. All in all, I highly enjoyed it and you should check them out. If I had to compare them to other bands, I would say they're Muse meets Locksley meets Drink Up Buttercup, all of whom I really like.

Other Lives definitely lived up to my (admittedly high) expectations. These guys are rapidly climbing my personal charts to my list of favorite bands of all time. They had so many instruments and keyboards and laptops and pedals and wires that they could hardly fit on the stage. I think every single one of them played at least two instruments. Their sound was... epic - so full and often dramatic. They have this awesome blend of rambling hillside folk and sprawling prairie orchestral (if that makes any sense...). My only complaint was that the sound mixing wasn't always the best and I'm not sure the Red Palace's sound system could really handle the amount of music Other Lives was throwing at them. I would love to see these guys in a large theater or something - somewhere that their sound can fill the space and expand/breath the way it deserves to. But seriously, these guys are going places. I wouldn't be surprised if I did see them in a big theater soon - one girl in the audience even speculated that they could be the next Radiohead. So get to know them now so you can say you knew them before they were famous.

And, of course, check out the excessive number of pictures that I took:
Other Lives @ Red Palace

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