Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maps & Alases Teaser

Yes, I am blogging about Maps & Atlases yet again. I am excited about their upcoming album and could not resist listening to a little teaser. And now you can too:

The song is quite catchy with a diversity of rhythms and moods. The refrain, with the repetitive and yet gradual guitar riffs draw you in, making you want more.

"The initial inspiration to write the song 'Winter' came on a freezing cold evening during the Chicago winter," says frontman Dave Davison. "The song contrasts memory and the perspective of winter as a season of possibility and creativity with the bleak, stillness of winter nights in the Midwest."

The song is quite fitting as we recently had a good snow here in Cincinnati. Winter, I'm afraid, is here to stay for just a tad longer. Maps & Atlases' newest album Beware and Be Grateful is due out April 16 on FatCat. Something to look forward to in the warmer months.

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