Thursday, November 24, 2011

Red Kite

I am extremely excited about this band, probably the most I've been in a while. I've had to re-edit this post twice since hitting 'publish' as it seemed to read as a hectic and excitable teenager rather than my 28 year old self, but I guess writing about someone who's music played a big part in your latter teen years will do that, change your mindset slightly, if only for a minute.

So this is actually part one in a two part post about ex members of, unsprisingly given the intro, one of my favourite bands of all time, and I am very proud to say, home town heroes, The Cooper Temple Clause

This is about Daniel Fisher, who was lead guitarist in TCTC, he's gone on to form Red Kite and with his band has been touring the UK recently, I'm going to get to see them in a few weeks in Kentish Town which I am extremely pumped about.

The single which is out on Dec 5th is Montreal, which you can listen to now, and you should do, as it is excellent.

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