Monday, November 28, 2011


So, second post about ex Coopers then, the first one's here and you should certainly check it out.

I was sat at home procrastinating as one does when working from home and checked hotmail. I only do it on occasions when I'm truly bored as it's such an old email address, but sometimes, just sometimes, it brings me joy. The joy to be had was an email from Tom Bellamy, using TCTC mailing list and email address to literally communicate beyond the grave (of a dead band, not band member, that'd be weird). It was about his new project Losers who've recorded an album. The line up is impressive from broken bands which I used to rather like and/or love, Paul Mullen from yourcodenameis:milo and Mark Heron from Oceansize, it was certainly enough to peak my interest. I had a listen and must admit, being wary of the tags 'Industrial' I quite like the sound from this album teaser on SoundCloud, check it...


More so, if you're in London, head down to Heaven on 30th Nov and say 'Losers' on the door and you can get in to see them play for only a fiver. Win!

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