Monday, June 20, 2011

Governor's Ball 2011

This Saturday, I trekked up to New York City for the Governor's Ball Music Festival. I came home exhausted from dancing and singing, and sunburned. It was an amazing festival.
The vibe of the festival was youthful. A majority of the crowd seemed to be in their 20's and just looking for a good time. Beer pong, sand volleyball and Frisbee were some of the music alternatives to entertain the masses.

The Passion Pit (minus three) DJ set was the first full set I saw. They mostly played mash-ups and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. However if you gave me a choice between seeing their DJ set and seeing a live performance with their full band, I would choose the latter. But I'm sure I'll have my chance to see the full group at some point.

The Neon Indian performance was one of the highlights of the day. They have a fun and unique sound. It's not quite as poppy as say Passion Pit or Empire of the Sun. It has a bit more of an edge but it still puts you in a good mood. They seem to have fun and experiment with sound.

The Empire of the Sun performance was ridiculous. The show they put on is half the fun. Their costumes are over the top with painted faces and backup dancers. It only adds to the music.

And of course, Girl Talk was a blast. This was the second time I've seen Girl Talk and both times have been at an outdoor festival setting. It's great to be dancing among the crowd. Very, very freeing.

Here are some other photos from the show:

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