Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fredrik updates and mp3s!

Ny new favorite song at the moment is "White on White" by Fredrik, from their EP that they released in November - I know it's not all that new but I guess I'm just in the mood for chill, beautiful music with a little dramatic flare lately. Granted, I've always loved Fredrik and they create such amazingly rich, layered songs. But this one is at least tied with Na Na Ni, which is on my top songs of all time list, and it grows on me with every listen. It's really very calming and I find myself being completely absorbed in the song and zoning out everything else - listening to it is almost like a meditation.

Also playing on repeat is their newest single ("Rites of Spring," which is more dramatic than "White on White") from their recent album, Flora, which came out in May and I meant to post this earlier because they played a rare show in NYC last night in support of the album (one of the many things that makes me so wish I still lived in NYC...), but lo and behold I was busy driving home from Bonnaroo (woo!) and then recovering from Bonnaroo (oy). You can actually listen to/watch the whole album on YouTube. Anyway, if you caught the show last night, I'm jealous. Really really jealous. I need to find a way to get them to DC.

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