Friday, April 29, 2011

Local talent at Bloombars

Tonight was my first of hopefully many visits to Bloombars (great non-profit arts venue in the Columbia Heights neighborhood). The purpose of the excursion: to see the wonderful DC talent that is Ugly Purple Sweater. This wasn't my first time seeing them play. I heard them last fall/early winter and throughly enjoyed it.

They have a nice folky and soulful sound to their music. From the banjo to the keyboard to even whistling, their music stays fresh with a variety of sounds. The song "Jumbo Slice" is a perfect example of this variety. The crowd definitely got dancing and a singing as they played this song. They have this sort of traveling sound to their music ... the kind of music you play as you roll down your windows on a nice summer day.

Ugly Purple Sweater played the show with Pearl and the Beard and Kingsley Flood. They have one album out, entitled "You are alone but you are not alone," and are in the middle of working on a second. The show featured a mixture of songs from both albums.

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BloomBars said...

Thanks for blogging about the show. We hope to see you again soon and we're so happy you enjoyed the music!