Monday, March 21, 2011

Matt Corby

I really wanted to open this post with “Matt Corby is fucking incredible. Fact”. It would have seemed bold, but childish. Still, my point remains, he is incredible. Only in Australia would you get someone who got the the final’s of ‘Idol’, lost, and turns up years later as a credible, incredible artist.
I first became aware of Matt last summer, where Broadcast 2000 had booked him to appear with them at their Wilton’s Hall gig with Hyperpotamus and Matthew & the Atlas (it was an pretty great evening). I’d never seen anything like it before, using a guitar, his voice, two microphones and some pedals to pull of live loops of guitars and vocals to harmonise with himself and slowly and beautifully build up a rich tapestry of sound and at its peak step stand at the front of the stage sing un-mic’d while the track he’d crafted played on.
Fast forward to March 2011, and he’s opening up for Ellen and the Escapades upstairs in a small cold pub in Islington, which is criminal. He should be playing to much larger crowds, not a hidden secret opening for someone I’ve never heard of before (even if they were excellent).
I hope that he comes out of this years SXSW with glowing reviews, I don’t think it’d be a stretch at all to label his as a ‘major new talent for 2011’. Check out the video below of him live and I’m sure you’ll agree.

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